Cultivating diverse leadership development experiences

Case Study: LEAD Academy

Starting from 2013, we built a leadership platform and community at LEAD Academy, focusing on a contemporary cross-sectoral leadership development, fostering diverse perspectives, and transformative experiences with an extraordinary faculty of more than 40 leadership coaches, transformation enthusiasts and change-makers.

Building a transformative cross-sectoral leadership community

Embarking on the creation of LEAD Academy as a non-profit and social business, we faced the exciting challenge of cultivating diverse and transformative leadership journeys. Our approach included the curation of cross-sectoral programs, bringing together over 40 experts, coaches, and transformation enthusiasts. This resulted in the creation of a vibrant community of over 1500 leaders from various sectors, sharing wisdom and changing perspectives. Highlights included the  international LEAD Summer School, running the “Leading Beyond” program for top leaders and co-hosting events with TED Talk Berlin and Google’s “Search Inside Yourself” program, contributing to the co-creation of contemporary leadership practices.

Fostering leadership for future-ready organizations

We offered a hybrid and experiential learning approach, involving expert-inputs, self-paced learning, peer-coaching and group sessions, to foster a seamless learning experience of leaders in the LEAD community. The collaborative environment facilitated the co-creation of modern leadership practices, establishing the academy as a beacon of transformative leadership, and a convergence point for leaders across sectors to share knowledge, change perspectives, and address challenges collaboratively.

Our key insights:

  • Cultivating diverse leadership
  • Building community and wisdom
  • Fostering transformative practices

Co-creating the LEAD Academy marked the inception of a thriving, diverse leadership community. Through our efforts, the Academy swiftly became a melting pot of transformative practices and strategies, with leaders from varied backgrounds contributing to its richness. The initiative now stands as a testament to the power of collaborative learning and the potential for change when diverse minds converge, embodying a contemporary approach to leadership. 

+ 1500

leaders from all sectors enrolled

3000 +

hours of highly interactive  group learning, peer-coaching, and best-practice sharing

73 %

average net promoter score

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