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We are LEAD Forward

Welcome to LEAD Forward – your human-centered management consulting partner! We specialize in culture change, leadership development, and the future of work. We can’t wait to deeply understand both your business and your people. We know that in today’s crazy world, the gap between ambition and the challenge to transform and adapt can be wide. But together, we’ve got this. Our mission is to create transformative impact for you and your business. With a holistic approach and a team of sharp, playful, and open-hearted experts, we help you shape a resilient organization that leaves a positive mark on your work and the world. Come and join us on this exciting journey of growth and impact!

We are a certified B Corp

LEAD Forward is changing the world of consulting by shaping resilient organizations to create a positive impact on work and the world.

As a B Corp, LEAD Forward is part of a powerful global movement of leading organizations such as Patagonia and Ben&Jerry's, whose equitable and sustainable business practices meet the highest standards of social and environmental sustainability.

  • We screen potential clients based on ethical and environmental criteria. We don't work for the bad guys.
  • We dedicate 10% of our net profit to emergency relief and to subsidizing projects for underfunded, impactful NGOs.
  • Our organization is transparent, members are empowered, leadership is shared.

The B Corp certification is a global recognition of organizations’ social and environmental performance along five categories: governance, workers, community, environment, and customers. We invite you to become part of this change. You can become a B Corp too!

How we work

In our work, we incorporate three principles that are at the core of our mission. If you work together with us, expect us to shine in all three.

Your transformation company

We are excited to make your organization more resilient, to help you get ready for an unknown future, to jointly make a positive impact on your people, work and the world.

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