Modern learning landscape for a high-tech laser company

Upgrade leadership learning culture

Case Study: High-tech laser company

We transformed this client’s leadership development landscape. From top-down and classroom-based to user-driven and multi-modular.

Enabling a learning community

The client aimed to completely transform their leadership development landscape; to be future-oriented and human-centered. 

To activate them, we had to make sure learning was not just another annoying to-do for them.

So, we worked with a client team to identify how leaders can most effectively boost leadership skills in times of packed calendars and constant new business challenges. We implemented micro-learnings, peer learning, community learning, self-paced learning, but also formal learning. We devised an innovative, fresh, and co-creative new learning landscape tailored to the strategic goals of the organization and its members’ needs. 

What we achieved together

We’ve built a dynamic learning community for leaders, seamlessly integrated into MS Teams, that serves as a hub for sharing insights. Top management is actively involved, fostering an open dialogue. Centered around their unique leadership model, we offer micro-learning modules that were made virtually accessible during the pandemic. To deepen skills development, we’'ve rolled out hybrid leadership learning journeys. Annually, we host a Learning Festival, encouraging leaders to facilitate their own sessions. Pop-up events featuring external experts further enrich this vibrant ecosystem.

Our key insights:

  • More excitement, more learning
  • Let go, inspire ownership
  • Even top leaders

Leaders often sideline learning to tackle immediate challenges, undermining efforts to foster a learning culture. To counter this, it’s up to top management to communicate that investing in learning today reduces future stress and improves efficiency. They must also take part in learning to show they truly believe it. Seamless integration of learning into daily routines is key. Through low-commitment, effective options like pop-up events and virtual workshops, leaders can choose what’s relevant to them. Excite instead of imposing.


tailored leadership competencies we defined with our client.


leaders in the learning community.


co-created workshops and formats in the first six months

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