Building future leaders

Case Study: Leibniz Gemeinschaft

Getting ready to lead with your full potential: We created a cutting edge development program that combines deep reflection with practical leadership skills. 

Top leaders for science

Our program transformed the leadership landscape at this network of scientific institutes. Addressing a crucial leadership training void, we tailored a solution to ensure future leaders were both visionary and empathetic. Our program, distilled from deep engagement with diverse pilot groups, harnesses varied learning techniques to ensure profound reflections and enduring growth. We made sure the skills and techniques are directly linked to the needs of the organization and its leaders.

The outcome? Leaders report greater self-assurance, role clarity, and enhanced collaboration – even between the institutes. We’ve fostered a thriving community of future-minded leaders. 

What we achieved together

The key for this and any leadership program for aspiring leaders is to lay a solid foundation that helps them find their own solutions to leadership challenges in the years to come; not to give them naïve one-size-fits-all frameworks. For this, we used the holistic approach of teaching them to lead themselves, their teams and the organization. Where needed, we added our input and expertise on key leadership skills.

Our key insights:

  • Learn to lead yourself
  • Enable your team
  • Develop others

At the heart of our program, we taught the participants to step back and reflect on their own behavior, thoughts, values, and emotions. This meta-cognition is key to lead oneself. Building on this, we helped them understand what makes a team culture great and to reflect on their specific strategies to make their own team’s culture better and more aligned. They learned to adapt a coaching mindset and develop their group members. All aligned with their individual needs. All content is highly practical and can be applied immediately.


rating in school grades across all cohorts (1.0 highest; 6.0 lowest)


emerging leaders will have completed a course by 2025


hours of highly interactive learning experience per cohort

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