Gamified strategy offsite with 80 global leaders

Case study: Mid-sized global manufacturing company

LEAD Forward  partnered with an executive leadership team to build excitement and interest in a new company strategy through a gamified offsite. Leaders were able to get closer to the details of the strategic roadmap through innovative and interactive formats. 80+ global managers left the strategy offsite ready to take the company’s strategy forward and play an active role  in its successful implementation. 

Fully activated: from CEO change story to idea hackathon

An established top management team, new CEO, and fresh 5-year strategy. The management team was skeptical: “Another strategic plan? Nothing will come of that, as usual!" The CEO held virtual pitstops for everyone to get to know him and feel involved in the strategic vision. We facilitated a gamified offsite where cross-functional teams created futurespectives, viewed an interactive gallery tour of the strategic roadmap, competed in a story slam and idea hackathon to bring the strategy to life. This team left feeling energized around the strategic agenda, and ready to tell the rest that this time, we are for real!

What we achieved together

The strategic offsite increased the global management team’s alignment on the company vision, understanding of the strategic plan, and belief that the company is headed in the right direction. This gave them the motivation to take an active role in steering the strategic initiatives and to cascade the strategic plan to their parts of the company. Now, these 80 leaders gather annually for a strategy offsite to keep the momentum high, and level of alignment and action strong.

Our key insights:

  • Strategic vision should be alive, not a boring PPT
  • Managers must be empowered as change agents
  • In-person strategy offsites expedite execution

We know that setting a strategic vision is a process, and that adults learn through a holistic approach. Lead Forward brings the story of your strategy to life through engaging graphics, storytelling coaching, and interactive formats that speak to hearts and minds. We help you spark inspiration among leaders through interactive formats that are creative and memorable–never by passively listening to a presentation. We help you inspire shared leadership of the strategy from the start.


managers brought along the strategic journey


days focused completely on the strategy


gamified session formats

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