Managing the transformation into a global organization

Case Study: NGO in the area of sustainability and climate action

A large-scale change process created hopes for more impact on a global level but also anxiety. With targeted interventions and workshops we helped the organization and its people to embrace change as a catalyst for driving impact on a global scale.

What is a people-centric approach to organizational change?

The change process towards a global organization came along with wider organizational changes affecting especially the leadership level. This is where our collaboration started. 

In two workshops with the top management team we strengthened team cohesion, collaboratively developed an understanding of what it means to guide the transition into a new chapter with unified strength, and helped to co-create a shared change narrative that resonated with the top team and the entire organization.

Afterwards, we involved the whole organization at an off-site event. We cascaded the change narrative through all levels of the organization, fostered an atmosphere of experimentation with the new circumstances and opened up an avenue for exploring the opportunities of becoming a global organization with a creative future-retrospective format.

What we achieved together

In a co-creative process we developed a human-centered approach towards large-scale organization change which rested on two core pillars: First creating space for deep reflection and strengthening resilience. Second, creating a positive narrative of the future and exploring in a playful way opportunities the transformation towards a global organization could bring.

Our key insights:

  • Transformation starts at the top
  • Space for reflection and exchange is key
  • People hate opacity

The organization has been able to enhance resilience in a challenging environment, driven by a shared mission and strong bonds between colleagues. We addressed fears and needs that come along with a change process by opening conversations and exchange about how the change was navigated and communicated and how people felt about it. We enhanced the leaders’ transformative leadership-skills and fostered personal development. We started to strengthen a global mindset through playful future-gazing sessions and open conversations with global employees. 


inspiring narratives about the opportunities as a global organization developed

> 80

participants at the off-site event to reflect and adapt to change

100 %

of top and middle management took on the challenge of becoming transformative leaders

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