Boosting digital transformation

Case Study: Automotive company

The sales unit of this automotive company struggled to adopt digital tech and become more innovative. We helped create excitement for digital tools and boosted adoption. 

Digital transformation boost for an automotive giant

The client’s after-market division depends on skilled, frontline sales people accustomed to non-digital methods. Recognizing the need for digital transformation to stay competitive, we assisted their internal change-team. Our approach included aligning top leadership, conducting role-modelling sessions with leaders, and designing pilot workshops that equipped sales leaders to champion the new digital tools and analytics – CRM, data insights, AI solutions. We also created a reusable framework to help them adapt to future tech changes. 

What we achieved together

Our empathetic, people-focused strategy acknowledged the concerns, fears, and aspirations of the staff, enabling the change-team to foster genuine ownership and behavior change, making the digital shift successful.

Our key insights:

  • Transformation never stops
  • Any change is people-oriented
  • Change starts at the top

Before we came on board, this company followed a relatively emotionless and one-way approach to change: simply introducing tools and asking people to use them. We piloted a way to involve sales-leaders in the change who would then contribute their reports. Through this people-centered approach we fostered a sense of ownership and openness to change. The transformation will always continue, but we opened up a more effective avenue for change that leaders can take.


more active CRM users in 3 months

15 +

workshops and role-modelling sessions

> 50

enthusiastic participants at an off-site event

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