Assessing transformation readiness

Case Study: Global engineering and technology company

LEAD Forward partnered with the transformation team of a large global engineering corporation to design and implement a transformation tracker. The result was a company dashboard for leaders to understand where change is proceeding well and where the company may be stuck.

Enabling leaders to track transformation readiness by department

In the midst of a strategy roll-out, this global leadership team wanted to understand how transformation-ready they were as a company. How can we get ahead of the challenges and identify hot spots in the company where the transformation might be blocked? How can we track its progress over time? Together with key leaders, we co-designed a change-readiness tracker and received valuable input from all departments and functions. The result was a visualization of where the company currently stands (status quo), enabling the company to target change-management initiatives efficiently and to make meaningful progress on its transformation. 

What we achieved together

A transformation-readiness tracker ensures that leaders are all on the same page about how the transformation is going. This is based on data and not just instinct. This empowers managers to attain clarity and focus on actions that will drive transformation further throughout the organization. We support companies with the development of tracker measures and analysis of results, as well as with the design and implementation of the tracker and dashboard. We also support managers with sensemaking sessions to evaluate results.

Our key insights:

  • You won’t know till you ask
  • Data can fuel your transformation
  • Tracking allows transparency on progress

A change-readiness tracker isn’t “just another survey”. When designed and implemented well, it can be a tool to keep a pulse on how change is being perceived in the organization, what aspects of the transformation are going well, and what challenges are keeping people stuck in those old ways that were used in the past.

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