Monthly Digests

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Find a collection of best practices, untackled challenges, and industry insights tailored to today's complex landscape. Each edition focuses on a human-centric topic, offering a thought-provoking exploration to guide you through the depths of modern work.

June Edition - Getting Started with Performance Culture: A Radical Refocus

This monthly edition calls for a Radical Refocus on Performance Culture by approaching the big transformational projects through a strategic and leaner outcome-based lens -what we call the performance hacks.

May Edition - Powering Performance, Preserving People: Key Factors for Success in Times of Challenge

This monthly edition explores overcoming resistance to change, emphasizing the importance of addressing underlying anxieties and fostering open dialogue for a thriving performance culture.

April Edition - Resilience over Resistance: Mobilizing People to Transform during Turbulent Times

Check out our April Brief to understand what might be blocking people from changing, and how leaders can build more resilient, change-ready cultures.

February Edition - Leading Through Change: Building Cohesion and Resilience with Meaningful Conversations

What does meaningful conversation have to do with well-being and team cohesion? Discover the pressing challenges that leadership teams are facing now and how forging connections might just be what we all need.